Sunday, February 04, 2024

Celestial Lovers

Written in 2018.

Such bright lights rest
within these stars; will
his eyes ever contain all
the radiance? His frenzied
fingers run through
her curious hair.
How did he find the
dark hues melted
in her locks? She unlocked
the doors of her mind
in silence. He drifted in,
capturing her invincible
thoughts as if they had
always been his and
wrote some nights
with violet ink that
danced barefoot on
frost-kissed pages
that once summed up
her entire essence. She
kissed the sacred flames
that burned deep in
the core of his soul,
with her lipstick-stained
lips in crimson deep. They
tasted like honey-dipped figs;
his brief laughter kissed
with countless sunsets.
But these unkempt strings
of fate ached as they quietly
escaped the wheel of fortune.