Belles-lettres is a word of French origin, which literally means fine writing or fine literature. 

Surrealism and romanticism are my favourite literary movements, and my choice of genre is (and always will be) Magical realism. I join words with emotions that cannot be easily deciphered; I link impressions, associate sentiments, and dissociate the complexities (of my mind). I most certainly find delight in understanding the complex mechanisms of the human mind and brain. Makeup Discourse is my alter ego. I deem A Poesy Discourse as writings from my juvenile (and not so) years. 

Writing here is an attempt of gathering heroism to translate my complex thoughts into words!

John Keats is my romantic muse, and poetry is my love language.

Some days I write numberless pages, but some days I end up writing just a poorly constructed sentence. I have a story for every image, and I have countless images that speak poetry to me (the bane of possessing an irrational, poetic mind). 

At the end of the day, all the art will find its way here.

Note: You may come across incomprehensible fragments; garbled sentences; novel, or not, emotions; and disorganised thoughts.

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