Saturday, October 01, 2022


 This is the first time I am meeting someone. Actually, this is my first date ever. I've never been on a date before.

This girl sitting across from him was sheepishly smiling when she heard him. My eyes were glued onto my phone and I was anticipating my coffee; the minute I heard "date" I looked up from my phone and my eyes locked onto this guy for two seconds. My eyes widened. I took a good look at both of them. The girl sported baby bangs and wore a hooded pullover and track pants. The guy looked like he put on the first t-shirt he laid his eyes on, un-ironed. His hair was messy. Both looked like they were in their mid-twenties. When we entered the café and took the center seats, a guy wearing a bright red t-shirt walked in and took a two-seater table just horizontally opposite to us. A few minutes later a girl walked in and joined him. Since both our seats were in the center of the floor, our voices echoed. All the tables were occupied but nobody was really talking. It was unusually quiet.

R, who sat right beside me, was busy. I was just whiling my time away, waiting, shaking my right leg. I told R to look at them. And...I continued eavesdropping, occasionally smiling, laughing too, pretending I was looking into my phone. I told R I wanted to sit here and see how it is turning out. I'd be writing about this. And R did the undoable (she swiped right for me!); I panicked and we laughed hard, enough to disturb them. We got that "these girls are so weird" look from that guy.

He continued in Bengali language this time, half of which I couldn't even understand, switching to English occasionally. I listened to him sipping coffee that turned cold in no time. He then mentioned.

See we've met in this arranged marriage thing. I had told my mother that I'd be meeting the girl first. 

The girl spoke too softly and I could barely hear her. Rather she didn't speak at all. Well, that was because the guy didn't let her speak. He went on and on.

See I expect my wife to help my mother in household work. There are many opportunities to work from home these days. So I'd like my would-be wife to consider this.

I was honestly disgusted by this time. The guy didn't stop to breathe and kept talking without allowing that poor girl to voice her part. I looked at R and whispered who does that! I mean he is not letting her speak. I was studying their scenario for almost an hour. In that one hour, the girl spoke only twice. One out of the two was regarding placing their orders. By this time, I had already lost interest and even forgot that I had to go. I had to go use the restroom. Instead, we set off homeward.

Backstory: Going to the restroom was the central idea of this whole scenario, and through my writing, it will play out as a distraction so I kept their date and my observation central! I & R wanted to use the restroom and we went to Starbucks only to find it quite awkwardly located. We left and decided to go to Coffee by Di Bella and there wasn't one! In my effort to distract myself, I focussed on the surroundings. We completely forgot we had to use the restroom.