Saturday, August 07, 2021

If You Really Want Something…


work for it. (Saying this would be putting a dampener on someone's metaphysical belief.)

summon it. (so witchy!)

cry for it. (Like I did, as funny as it gets. Please don't.)

When I held this book in my hands, I wondered how something inanimate can teach me so many life lessons. There is a strong possibility I will cry every time I will hold this book. Forget Mr Darcy, this book alone makes me emotional...

Human flaws are actually gateways of endless possibilities in workings of the universe.

There is a timing for everything.

If you give an ear to the universe, you'll hear it speak in mysterious ways.


I am a collector of books, especially limited edition copies and special editions, and at times collector editions. In the latter half of 2019, I came across this beautiful edition of Pride and Prejudice while surfing Amazon: white die-cut cover, depicting Lizzie and Mr Darcy (the ballroom meeting scene), under a solid teal background. I am talking about Thomas Nelson's Seasons Winter Edition. I fall for the type, you know! The laser-cut type!!! 

My heart sank because I could hardly make space for even a sheet of paper. I made space on my bookshelf; the joy it brought! It was December, the last week of 2019, and I was swamped with work. I forgot about it in no time. Came February 2020, I wanted to get it for Valentine's and lo! The price on Amazon India was way higher than I anticipated. I thought I'd get it for my birthday, or before, whichever was feasible.

It was sold out in April! And then I hit a rough patch. This time I forgot about this book for months. I was breaking out of my hermit mode; I started searching for this copy again. I couldn't find this copy from any Indian reseller. I wanted this book: the sheer desire of having it was temporarily filling the void. It was unhealthy I was aware and helpless. I was overdramatic, sulking, and restless for days. I spent sleepless nights searching for the copy, contacting resellers, contacting Thomas Nelson's customer support. Placing orders, receiving automatic cancellations, waiting for refunds: this is how I spent October and November 2020. I did everything I could have done. I came across two independent bookstores based in the UK: Griffin Books and Hewson Books. I placed an order on Griffin Books, and I got an email stating that the book was out of stock. I remember the afternoon of 28 November 2020. I thought to myself, Okay! This is the last seller. You need to stop. If it is out of stock here as well. Just forget about it. (The despair was self-inflicted.) 

I emailed the bookshop. I got a reply saying:

We do have a copy of that. Only one though! These were special editions, so we won’t be able to get any more!


The light-headed delirium I felt in the time between receiving the e-mail and placing the order is inexplicable. The reply was better than receiving a highly anticipated love letter. I squealed with delight and placed the order. It was shipped on 1 December 2020. Came January 2021, I contacted the package forwarding in the first week to enquire about it. The package was officially lost. I mailed Hewson Books asking them to drop me a mail in case it is returned to them. I had given up. My life went back to normal and I bought another edition of Pride and Prejudice to fill the void. Out of the blue, on 5 February 2021, I received an email from the package forwarding that they'd received the package. I was overwhelmed. 

I finally received my book 8 days later, on 13 February 2021. Perfect timing, I'd say.

There are only 10,000 copies published considered, and each copy is numbered. The die-cut cover is designed by Kate Armstrong. 

Meanwhile in sadness and boredom of the waiting period, I ordered an epistolary edition of Pride and Prejudice. In case you don't know, Pride and Prejudice was written as an epistolary novel and named as First Impressions. Mr Darcy's love letter! *daydreams*

Chiltern Classic. This is a beauty! Silver gild has my heart! The only silver gilded book I own! (I am awaiting Alexandra Bracken's Lore, then it'll be two! Y-I-K-E-S!!!)

Here are the opening lines ehem...

My first copy that I bought in 2007. I don't feel like giving it away, not attached to the book...but

Needless to mention, the Season's Edition has so much sentimental value for me. Not just for it being beautiful and acquiring it has bestowed me with life wisdom but that I always wanted to own a special edition of Pride and Prejudice, and I had been searching for one since 2008. I read Pride and Prejudice when I was 18 and by borrowing it from the local library.

I need Signature Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to complete my laser-cut cover collection! 

Wait patiently for it.