Monday, April 26, 2021


Bestrewed my tired eyes—

my sappy longing for moon

—with seeds of unrest

I remember writing a haiku everyday, synopsizing my day in 17 syllables. It would be mostly as notes in my phone. I've lost many, but I still have a few written on the last pages of my notebooks. They were mostly about the strangers I met, the lush green mangroves, and disbelief. phew!

No matter what I am doing, I like to devote some time to watch the moon rise from my window every full moon. If, at all, I have some time on my hands, I take pictures (a lot many, to be honest). In my head, I am definitely romanticising the whole experience. 

Experimenting with Americanised (Kerouac's style) version of traditional Japanese haiku—sticking to 5-7-5 structure except introducing caesurae for a drawn emphasis on my sappy longing for moon.

Moonrise from my window on 31 December 2020.