Friday, April 01, 2016

A Is for Apologue

Apologue is a fable with a moral lesson. Apologues often feature animals or inanimate objects that possess human traits. Apologue is an ancient form of storytelling irrespective of cultures around the world.

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Rainbow living in the woods with his friends. Thunder Tiger, Misty Monkey, and Blanc Bear were his best friends. Blanc Bear was prickly, whereas Rainbow was a calm rabbit; Misty Monkey was very mischievous, and Thunder Tiger was bravest of them all.
There was one thing about Misty Monkey; she was absent-minded.
                                       One fine day, Blanc Bear asked Misty Monkey to pick his mail from the post office. She agreed to it, Blanc Bear had warned her to be careful because it was an important mail from Deigo Dinosaur. As Blanc Bear told Misty Monkey, she carefully collected the mail from post office and started walking towards Blanc Bear's house. Misty Monkey bumped into Thunder Tiger, and both of them went to Wendy's Pancakes for breakfast. But Misty Monkey forgot the mail at Wendy's and both of them reached Blanc Bear's house without the mail.
                                       Blanc Bear asked Misty Monkey about his mail. Misty Monkey answered him saying she did not collect the mail yet. Blanc Bear walked out of his house and towards the post office only to be informed by the postman that Misty Monkey had already collected the mail. Rainbow Rabbit found Blanc Bear's mail at Wendy's and took it to Blanc Bear's house to hand it over to him. Misty Monkey and Thunder Tiger are waiting for Blanc Bear to come back. Blanc Bear furiously walked  into the house and questioned Misty Monkey about the mail again. Misty Monkey started crying, but Rainbow Rabbit walked into the house with Blanc Bear's mail.
                                       Rainbow Rabbit narrated the whole incident about how he found his mail at Wendy's. Blanc Bear thanked Rainbow Rabbit and everybody has a hearty laugh at Misty Monkey's forgetfulness.

The moral: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

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